My name is Mark DiVincenzo. I have reached a point in my 35 plus years career where I would like to offer all my knowledge, skills and professional life experience through art lessons. I have found through my journey that many people have an inner artist inside them and only wish they had the proper environment to bring it out. Some want realism, some want abstract many are not quite sure, they just wish they could paint. My lessons will be the introduction to the world of art for the inquisitive, serious and desired artist, young and old.

Because of my extensive involvement in the world of art I offer a very wide range of study. From my teenage years of portraiture to living and working in New York where I have succeeded as a fine artist and continue to do so, placing my work all over the world, to artistic interior wall painting, to architectural painting, as in church restoration, to stencils, murals and commissions. My classes of instruction will differ depending on the student’s desires and needs.

For the serious artist wishing to enter the art world, getting excepted in shows and learning the business of art, I will guide and tutor you. I will help you tap into your individual creative voice, hone your style, build a body of work and create a strong portfolio for the next big thing.

For the serious novice who just wants to learn the joy of art through creative expressive painting in a really cool studio. I will introduce you into this world, we will learn art history, colors, composition, oils and more.

I also offer comprehensive lessons in architectural painting, as in, color matching in various types of paint, marbleizing, wood graining, stenciling, old world wall applications, as in, strié, texture, finishes, stucco antico and more. I will instruct those who wish, the business of artistic hand painted wall finishes, materials, prep, building a portfolio and the art of presentations.

My rates for instruction based on minimum two hour sessions:

  • Private: $100.00 for 2 hour session, pkg. of 5 sessions $450.00
  • Group Lessons: available up to ten people, please call for discounted rates.

Please call me at 716-479-6188 for more information and scheduling. Follow Pilates Arts Studio on Facebook, Instagram and check in for exciting future workshops.