Health Coaching

Being healthy is the single most important thing in all of our lives yet for some reason we put it on the back burner and continue to make unhealthy choices day in and day out.  “Healthy” is such an enormous word and it encompasses every corner and crevice of our lives.  Nutrition, physical activity, stress management, relationships, career choices, habits, addictions, and so on. Why we choose the things we choose and how they effect our overall health is something that needs to be examined and reflected upon regularly.

 With over two decades of working as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor I have worked with so many people who I see are struggling with their weight and overall health.  I can see that if they continue along the path they are on, they will become a statistic.  The doctors will put them on medicine for their conditions but they will not try to heal the body at the root.  I want my clients to understand this… YOU have the power to create a healthy body and life.  It is not out of reach, it is just something you need to practice and make your nature.  This is why I became a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.   I want to help you make profound breakthroughs in how you care for yourself.  

 Health Coaching is basically Health Counseling.  It is a relationship between you and I that is based on trust, compassion, and open communication.  Together, we will identify your “why”.  Why you want to be your healthiest self and what that looks like for YOU.  I want to know all about you, your current and past health stuff, your diet, your family, your worries and stresses. Often times we don’t even know what is holding us back from taking better care of ourselves. Together, we will figure out the best places to start tweaking your daily habits, little by little, day by day.  It’s a wonderful thing to feel like you are moving in a positive direction with your health.  I am here to support, encourage, and guide you.

How does it work and what does it cost?

First you will sign up for your initial one hour appointment, the cost for this is $99. Before you come in I will send you a “health history form” which you will fill out and send back to me prior to your appointment.  During your initial appointment (either online or in-person) we will meet and get to know one another to see if we agree that we are a good fit for each other.  If we agree to work together after this, you will be committing to a 6 month program.

How does the 6 month program work?

For 6 months, we will meet every other week for 1 hour (online or in my office.)  During these sessions we will dive deep into your health history and habits. Together we will come up with ways to improve and integrate holistic healthy practices into your life.  The goal is sustainability and transforming from the inside out.  When you operate from a place of deep caring for yourself you will begin to make better choices.  When you begin to make choices differently, you shift your patterns.  When you shift the patterns you are experiencing, you shift your experience in life.  You will being to experience life with a new awareness.  I will help you elevate your health consciousness.

We will discuss nutrition, home cooking practices, your stress and stress management techniques.  We will discuss the relationships in your life and how they effect your health and habits.  We will talk about your work and how that effects your health.   I will recommend books and articles for you to study and we will discuss.  There are so many pieces to the puzzle and each person is unique so there is no one way to be healthy.  This is a journey and together we will find your way.   

The cost for the 6 month program is $300 per month.

I want for you what I want for myself.  I want you to feel good everyday.  I want you to respect yourself and be proud of yourself.  I want you to age well so you are able to continue to do the activities you love.  Life is long but it goes by fast and if we don’t pay attention we can lose the grip on our health.   You might feel like you have a long way to go, but there is nothing more worthy of putting effort and love into.  You are so important and have so many more wonderful things to accomplish in this life.  

If my schedule appears full or the time slots don’t work for you please call me directly to schedule.

Please call me at 716-982-4133 to schedule your first appointment.