I began working with Sarah DiVincenzo at Pilates Art Studio soon after returning to Buffalo in 2018. I’d lived in Atlanta and NYC for 20 years previously, and studied Pilates in both those cities. By far, my best and most consistent experience of the Pilates method has been with Sarah. She is calm, focused, a life-long learner of the healing arts – mind, body & spirit – and deliberate in her approach to my individual goals and needs. Her background as a body builder adds to her Pilates took-kit and enhances our sessions as well. We are so fortunate to have her in Buffalo!
Debora Ott

I always feel more alive after my workouts with Sarah. I feel stronger and more flexible. I really like how she gives individual attention to what my particular body needs to get fixed. She is a knowledgeable trainer in both Pilates, conventional weight training and nutrition. She once told me about the hidden sugars in foods you get a the grocery store – like yogurt. She said it was like eating a candy bar and I said “NO its not!”, so she told me to read the label. I did and she was right!
Bob 57

Pilates has helped me to live a much better, more balanced life. My classes at Pilates Art Studio leave me feeling energized, happy, and accomplished. I feel physically and emotionally stronger. Sarah finds a way to personalize her group classes so that my physical abilities, current body issues and previous injuries are all taken into account and addressed. The small group classes are low impact and customized for your physical needs. The studio has a very convenient location and friendly atmosphere. Sarah is a very professional trainer.
Lana 52

People often comment that I do not look or act my age. My mother used to make that a negative observation when I was young, but now, at this age, I take it as a compliment. I always respond that a lot of the credit goes to my Pilates instructor, Sarah. Good posture, flexibility, and balance are important at all ages but they have taken on a great importance for me over the years. Sarah has helped me for about ten years. She has always been sensitive to my needs and capabilities, even when I’ve been challenged by illness. She helps me get back on track and continue to reach new goals. I look forward to many more years of her professional, creative and sensitive assistance in my quest for a healthy life.
Kathaleen 79

I have been working with Sarah for several years and her Pilates classes are fantastic. She is a terrific Pilates instructor and tailors each class to allow me to get the most of the training. She is knowledgable, fit, friendly, and fun. She makes the workouts worthwhile and enjoyable. I think she is unique in her ability to push you to do better while making it fun at the same time. I recommend Sarah highly.
Ken Friedman 68

Do to chronic health issues, I developed osteoporosis at an earlier age than usual. Sarah and her guidance have helped aid in my healing process and have given me the tools to be able to construct my own workouts at home in addition to what we do in the studio. She is someone who truly takes the time to get to know your specific needs and goals and is so easy to work with while still being a motivator. I would highly recommend Pilates Art Studio to others seeking exercise for their health or just because they are looking for a new way to be active.
Chelsea 32

I have been challenged by chronic illness for 26 years, one being Multiple Sclerosis. I finally found an exercise program that I loved- Pilates and was lucky enough to find an exemplary teacher in Sarah. Whats special about Sarah is she was able to modify and guide me in my practice. Sarah will research, study and learn all that will assist her clients. I always felt wonderful, both physically and mentally after our sessions. I found working with Sarah, increased the strength in my legs which improved my walking ability. I highly recommend Sarah for all the services she provides. She is not only knowledgeable, she is generous and kind. You leave sessions with Sarah feeling positive about yourself and life itself.
Rita A. 67

Sarah was my trainer for years when I lived in Buffalo. At the time, she was a personal trainer. She guided me through my workouts and organized a plan for me. She focused on my strengths and set rigorous goals to achieve. Sarah is so motivating and fun to be around. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking to see results and achieve goals. She is the best!
Christy 41

As a 70.5 year old woman, maintaining wellness and fitness becomes more important each and every day. There is no doubt that the sessions I spend with Sarah at Pilates Art Studio are an integral part of achieving these goals. When I leave the studio I take strength, and a feeling of accomplishment and well-being with me. I love the targeted movement which Pilates offers in a stress-free, zen-like environment- best of both worlds! Sarah is always well aware of any particular impingement clients discuss with her, and not only tailors your workouts accordingly, but makes herself available for individual therapeutic coaching to effect a solution to any discomfort. We are lucky to have Sarah providing such professionalism to our community.
Carol 70

Sarah’s classes are fun! She is passionate about teaching, ensuring correct posture and alignment of every student. The small group class allows for personal attention. I highly recommend Pilates Art Studio to anyone; in fact, I already send 3 friends who currently practice with Sarah.
Anita 72

Sarah is an excellent personal trainer and Pilates instructor. She helped me in strength training and overall improvement in physical fitness. Sarah is very professional, knowledgable, and personal. I highly recommend her.

Sarah is a wonderful teacher who customizes my Pilates session to meet my specific needs. The hour flies by! Pilates has made a huge difference on my body. I am stronger, my balance is greatly improved, and I am always very relaxed when I leave. Sarahs classes are so beneficial and I recommend her highly.
Jill Jacobs

I started my journey with Sarah as I was experiencing chronic knee pain and hoped that pilates might be a remedy. Indeed it was! Sarah suggested an exercise/stretching routine that helped to overcome the constant pain and allowed me to get back to exercising. Whenever the pain kicks in, I get back to the routine and now the pain incidents happen less and less frequently and even when they do – I know how to handle those.
Sarah’s studio is my happy place, this is where I re-charge, both physically and mentally!!! I would recommend pilates classes with Sarah to anyone who is looking for supervised and tailored to individual needs stretching and exercising program, or suffers from body aches, or is simply in need of a time and place to breath, relax, and re-charge their spirits!
Dasha, 39

As a fairly athletic 66 year old, working with Sarah created a whole new space in my relationship with my body’s abilities, giving me a leaner strength and balance in ALL my activities. Her gentle and personal attention in her small classes makes a big difference. Plus she helped me stay sane during Covid, with some great online classes. Thank you, Sarah!
Nancy B

I have been working with Sarah for about 6 months. Some of my issues have kept me away from my usual weekly gym visits. I turned to Sarah to keep my body and mind in shape. I love the sessions and feel totally tuned up after each session. Sarah has also got me to return to Meditation which has helped my mind body connection. Anyone in any shape or any age would benefit from Sarah’s sessions. My whole family goes too.
Richard Bergman
72 years old