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Shikishin-Funi “The Oneness of Mind and Body”

Shikishin-funi. “The oneness of mind and body” Yesterday, as I was reading ‘Let Your Mind Run’ by Deena Kastor, a professional distance runner.   I came to a part where she was about to accept a sponsorship from ASICS.  She said that she held the company is such high regard not only because she loved […] View page

The Power of Connection and how it relates to Your Health.

The power of connection and how it relates to your health. Today we are going back to the idea of primary food.  If you remember, primary food is the stuff that nourishes you that is not food.  The four main cornerstones of primary food are: relationships, career, spirituality, and physical activity.   This week in […] View page

The Power of Intention and how to use it to become healthier.

“The sages of India observed thousands of years ago that our destiny is ultimately shaped by our deepest intentions and desires. The classic Vedic text known as the Upanishads declares, “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your […] View page

What we can learn about health from the people of Roseto, PA.

Hello again,  as I write this I am finishing up my first week of nutrition school with the Institute for Innovative Nutrition, IIN.  I’m loving it, and I want to share with you some pieces of what I am learning.  I am also putting the finishing touches on the decade of my 30’s.  With 2 […] View page

Primary and Secondary Food

Have you ever been exposed to the idea of “Primary food” and “Secondary food”?   I am just beginning to study this topic and I want to share it with you as it is very thought provoking.    Primary food is all the things in life that nourish you that aren’t food.  For example: Relationships […] View page

Getting Back into the Pilates Studio…

Hello Friends! Sarah here, I hope this finds you all happy and healthy. Whether you are back in the Pilates studio yet or not I want you to know that I am here for you.  My schedule is very full and limited now due to my son being home, and I can only teach privates […] View page